Monday, October 24, 2016

The Shining Dinner

I've been Assistant Directing The Shining with Fargo Moorhead Community Theatre and decided that we should probably do a themed dinner to the movie!  

For dinner, we had A-maze-ing Lasagna, Redrummus, Hallorann's Oranges, The Red Rum Cocktail, and Doc's Rocky Road Ice Cream. 

A-maze-ing Lasagna
Tim bought a frozen lasagna.  I wanted to make a maze out of our Try The World pesto sauce but it was too warm and kept dissolving into the lasagna.  I should have done it and taken a picture before placing it in the oven or waited until the lasagna was cool.  But come on... who waits until lasagna is cool to eat it!???

I used this recipe from our Aladdin dinner and served with naan bread.  I used Sriracha sauce to spell out 'redrum' and you can also use it give your hummus a little extra zip!

Hallorann's Oranges

The Red Rum Cocktail
2oz of White Rum
Fill with Pomegranate Izze 
Add a splash of lime juice

Doc's Rocky Road Ice Cream

If you want to see all of the hard work the the cast, crew, and I have put into The Shining, you can get your tickets here!

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