Wednesday, August 16, 2017

That '70s Show Dinner

We started That '70s Show a long time ago and just weren't really in the mood to do a dinner for it.  This summer, we needed some levity, and then we finished all eight seasons.  Olivia was obsessed with the theme song.  She can be heard saying, "We're all alright, we're all alright" in the cutest toddler voice ever!

For dinner, we had Fatso Burgers, Kelso and Fez's Friendship Tots, Jackie's "Try the Gouda - it's so Good-a" Cheese Plate, Kitty's Kahlua, Fez's Candy, and Hyde's Brownies.

Fatso Burgers
Tim made up burgers with cheese and ketchup on a bun.  

Kelso and Fez's Friendship Tots
We had frozen tots and cooked them up.

Jackie's "Try the Gouda - it's so Good-a" Cheese Plate
Hornbacher's Cheese Plate 

Kitty's Kahlua
Kitty doesn't mess around.  This is straight up Kahlua on the rocks. 

Fez's Candy

Hyde's Brownies
I bought a brownie mix and added Thyme on the plate... just for fun!

Even though this summer has been filled with trying times, "we're all alright, we're all alright!" But we're excited to move on to the Fall.... for sure.