Monday, July 15, 2019

Raiders of the Lost Ark Dinner

We love Indiana Jones and we love Raiders of the Lost Ark!  I kept wanting to do something for Face Melting Nazis.... the closest I could get to was melting ice cream? IDK- seemed like a stretch, so we went with Staff of Ra cookies!

During our adventure we had Boulders (meatballs), Why'd it have to be Snakes?!?, Monkey Tested Indy Approved Dates, Marion's Vodka Shots, and Staff of Ra!

Boulders (meatballs)
We used our recipe from A Bug's Life and it was delicious! 

Why'd it have to be Snakes!?
We used this recipe from our Captain America: The First Avenger and used cloves as eyes. 

Monkey Tested Indy Approved Dates
We used our recipe from our Casablanca dinner! 

    Marion's Vodka Shots

Staff of Ra
I used red icing on vanilla Oreos! So easy!

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