Sunday, November 11, 2018

Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets Dinner

We are getting so excited to see the next Fantastic Beasts Movie! This is our FOURTH Harry Potter dinner and we can't wait to keep going through this series!   This dinner didn't have a ton of cooking which is a good thing for those of you wanting to do theme dinners, it is possible without taking up your whole night with cooking.  

For dinner we had Basilisk Stromboli, Polyjuice Potion Hummus, Cornish Pixie Jello, Skele-Gro Cocktail, and Mandrake Cupcakes. 

Basilisk Stromboli
We used our Pinocchio Stromboli recipe and updated it bit.

In the egg/butter mixture, we added some green food coloring and to finish up we used black olives and pepperoni to make the Basilisk face.  

*Our Basilisk is a little less threatening than in the movie! Haha!

Polyjuice Potion Hummus
We purchased store bought hummus and I served it with crackers. 

Cornish Pixie Jello
I made blue Jello to package directions. 

Skele-Gro Cocktail
3 parts Rum Chata
1 part Malibu

*This was deadly and very good! 

Mandrake Cupcakes
I purchased pre-made cupcakes from Hornbacher's because I was too overwhelmed by the though of making my own cupcakes.  I cut them strategically to fit into these clay pots.  I found plastic babies in the Baby Shower aisle of Party City and I taped sage leaves to the top of their heads.  

Here are our pictures from the Concordia Dining Service Harry Potter Dinner that inspired us to do another dinner!

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