Tuesday, June 28, 2016

WALL-E Dinner: Anniversary Edition!

Today is our two year anniversary!  
To celebrate, we did a dinner for WALL-E!

For dinner we had Pizza Plants, Trash Compactor Cubed Cheese, Eve Eggs, Septuacentennial Cupcake in a Cup, and WALL-E Cookies. 

Pizza Plants
We got Bridge Pizza! 

Trash Compactor Cubed Cheese
We got colby jack cheese sticks and cut them in cubes.  We also stacked them- just like WALL-E!

Eve Eggs
I hard boiled eggs and decorated them with black, green, and blue markers.

Septuacentennial Cupcake in a Cup

2 Scoops Vanilla Ice Cream
1 oz of Whipped Vodka Liqueur 
1 oz of Chocolate Whipped Vodka Liqueur
Colorful straws!  

*It tastes like cake!

WALL-E Cookies
I got the idea here and changed it up a bit based on what we had!  

Sugar cookie dough (see Toy Story 2 recipe)
WALL-E Eye cut out (see this link here to get the pdf file)
White Frosting (thicker consistency)
White gel frosting (thinner consistency)
Black gel frosting (thinner consistency)
Black chocolate wafers (I used Godiva)
Mini M&Ms

1. Roll out the dough and place the WALL-E cut outs on the dough.
2. Use a butter knife to cut out the eyes (obviously make sure you have equal right eyes and left eyes)
3. Bake for seven minutes at 350 degrees.
4. Once the cookies  have cooled down, spread the thicker white frosting over each cookie.
5. Place the chocolate wafer on each cookie (see picture as example)
6. Using the thinner white frosting, make a white circle on the wafer.
7. Place a brown mini M&M on the white thin frosting.
8. Using the black thin frosting, make three "rivets" on the cookie.
9. Place a left and right cookie on top of a pretzel.

We had an awesome dinner!

I'm excited for many more years of themed dinners with my amazing husband (and our little goober)!  

Happy Anniversary!

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