Friday, July 10, 2015

Despicable Me Dinner

Since the Minions Movie comes out today, we decided to have a Despicable Me inspired dinner!! And let me say, this was the easiest dinner we have done in a long time!

To eat we had Shrunken Moon Sausage, Minion Macaroni, Agnes' Caterpillars, Dr. Nefarius' Anti Gravity Serum, and "IT'S SO FLUFFY" Unicorn Fur.

Shrunken Moon Sausage
Sausage patties cooked for four minutes on each side

Minion Macaroni
They had Kraft Mac and Cheese with Minion shapes… So I just made that up quick according to box directions!

Agnes' Caterpillars 
Puffy Cheetos! 

Dr. Nefarius' Anti Gravity Serum
2 parts V8 Splash: Blue Raspberry
2 parts Sprite
1 part vodka

"IT'S SO FLUFFY" Unicorn Fur
Cotton candy is hard to find!  We got ours at a gas station… it was good… just maybe not so fluffy!

Our Macaroni came with a finger puppet!  Happy Friday!!

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