Monday, May 30, 2016

Kingsman Dinner

Tonight we did a Kingsman dinner!  It was pretty easy and a lot of fun!

For dinner we had Valentine's Big Mac and Fries, Mr. Pickle's Pickle Roll-Ups, Eggsy's Deviled Eggs,  Expensive French Wine, and Valentine's Cigars.

Valentine's Big Mac and Fries

Mr. Pickle's Pickle Roll-Ups

Corned Beef Sandwich Meat
Cream Cheese Spread
Whole Pickles

1. Spread Cream Cheese on 2 slices of Corned Beef.
2. Put a pickle on one end and roll up in the beef.

Eggsy's Deviled Eggs
I used the same recipe that I used for 101 Dalmatians and Downton Abbey!

Expensive* French Wine
*if expensive means $6.29... which luckily to me, it does!  We got French Wine from World Market.

Valentine's Cigars
We got these Coconut Rolls from our Try The World: Thailand Box.  They were SO tasty!

Overall, it was an extremely easy dinner!  We can't wait for the sequel! 

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