Monday, June 19, 2017

Boy Meets World Dinner

We did a Boy Meets World dinner with our friends Nate, Alyssa, and Brittany!

For dinner we had Chubbie Burgers, Alan's Man Salad, They Want You To Take The Rolls!, Eric's Good Looking Guy Cocoa Puffs, The Cory Matthews' Cocktail, and World Cookies.

Chubbie Burgers
Tim cooked up these burgers on the stove and served with bacon, cheese, ketchup and mustard. 

Alan's Man Salad
Tim cut up the head of lettuce into six sections.  We served with Roma tomatoes, Ranch dressing, and bacon.  

"They Want You To Take The Rolls"
Dinner rolls from the grocery store. 

Eric's "Good Looking Guy" Cocoa Puffs

The Cory Matthews' Cocktail
1oz of vodka
1oz of Raspberry Liqueur
1/2oz Creme de Cacao
Fill with Pink Lemonade
A dash of bitters
Garnish with a cherry

*Sweet and spunky like Cory!

World Cookies
I used my recipe from Toy Story 2

I separated the dough into two sections.  I put green food coloring on one half and blue on the other. 

We had so much fun celebrating with our friends!

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