Monday, October 26, 2015

Frankenweenie Dinner

For Halloween we did a Frankenweenie Dinner!  We watched the original short and the full length claymation and had a blast!

For dinner we had Frankenweenies, Dog Bone Bread Sticks, Elsa Van Helsing's Black Olives, Victor's Concoction, and Halloween Cookies!  


We made the hot dogs according to package directions and used mustard, Monterey Jack cheese, and a pretzel to make it look cool!

Dog Bone Garlic Bread Sticks:

These are crescent rolls that instead of rolling up like a crescent roll, I rolled them out and tied knots on the end like dog bones.  Sprinkle with garlic salt and bake according to directions!

Elsa Van Helsing's Black Olives

Victor's Concoction
2 oz Midori 
Pineapple Juice to taste
1 oz Vodka
Sprite to taste

*it's our very recipe*

*Pregnant Katie had the pineapple juice with sprite.  No Midori and Vodka! 

Halloween Cookies
Store bought treats!

This was an amazingly easy dinner!  And still so much fun! 

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