Monday, March 30, 2015

Cars Dinner

For dinner tonight, we have a Cars Themed Dinner! KACHOW!!!

For dinner we had the Pit Crew's Wheel Pasta, Mater's Taters, A Cozy Cone of Popcorn, An Auto Beverage Bar (with Dinoco Oil, Antifreeze, Windshield Wiper Fluid and Rusteze), and for dessert we have Luigi's Leaning Tower of Tires.

Pit Crew's Wheel Pasta:
1 Box of Wheeled Pasta
1 jar of Bertolli's Rosa Pasta Sauce
Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Parmesan Cheese

Boil water with about a tablespoon of Extra Virgin Olive Oil.
Salt the water with a pinch of salt
Once boiling, add pasta for eight minutes.
Strain and transfer back to pot.  
Toss pasta with whole jar of pasta sauce and add Parmesan Cheese to taste. 

Mater's Taters:
Buy frozen Tater Tots
Preheat oven to 450 degrees
Cook for thirteen minutes
Turn broiler and cook for 4-5 more minutes.

Cozy Cone of Popcorn:
Use orange construction paper and make a cone.  Staples and tape required!
Fill with Popcorn (add butter if you want!)

Auto Beverage Bar:
I found logos online and printed them off.  I attached them to each bottle.
Dinoco Oil: Dr. Pepper
Antifreeze: Mountain Dew
Windshield Wiper Fluid: Calypso Ocean Blue Raspberry 
Rusteze: Calypso Strawberry Lemonade

Luigi's Leaning Tower of Tires:
I just bought a package of donuts! 

It was a super fun (and EASY) dinner!!  

Aaaaaaaaaaand I'm probably going to have "Life is a highway" stuck in my head all week.

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