Sunday, August 28, 2016

The Office Dinner

While we've been taking care of Olivia, Tim and I decided to watch The Office again and do a dinner! 

For dinner we had Big Tuna Sandwiches, Michael Scott's Morning Bacon, Nard Dogs, Pretzel Day Pretzels, Mini Stapler in Jell-O, Future Dwight's Poison Coffee, and Break Me Off A Piece of That... (Whole Sale Car, Applesauce, Fancy Feast). 

Big Tuna Sandwiches
Drain the canned tuna and add Miracle Whip to taste and spread on wheat bread.

Michael Scott's Morning Bacon
On a skillet, cook bacon until crispy!

Nard Dogs
I boiled the hot dogs for five minutes and then Tim tried to write Nard Dog in Ketchup and Mustard! Haha!!

Pretzel Day Pretzels
We got Pretzels from Target!

Mini Stapler in Jell-O
1. Make half of the Jell-O mix according to package directions.
2. Pour in a lightly greased bowl and put in the fridge for about four hours.
3. Place the stapler on the hardened Jell-O
4. Make the remaining half of the Jell-O and pour on top of the stapler.
5. Place in the fridge again for another four hours.
6. Use a spatula and a plate to get the Jell-O out of bowl.

*I was unable to make this work.  It's a lot harder than it looks.  Jim's got mad skillz. 

What it should look like!  (oops...) 

Future Dwight's Poison Coffee
Tim just made up some regular coffee and decorated a mug for the dinner!

Break Me Off a Piece of That...

We did decide to dress up a bit!  Let me introduce Dwight Schrute, Creed Bratton, and Pam Beesley!

Olivia makes an ADORABLE Creed!

We had a fun dinner!  Pretty easy and low key!

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