Monday, September 7, 2015

James and The Giant Peach Dinner

For Labor Day we have a very special announcement!  We are expecting a baby and are 13 and a half weeks pregnant!!  The baby is currently the size of a peach so we watched James and the Giant Peach!

We had a delicious dinner!  We had a New York Strip Steak, The Old Man's Magic Crocodile Tongues, Ladybug Tomatoes, Peach Punch, and James' Peachy Dessert.

New York Strip Steak
Tim seasoned the steak with some Lawry's seasoning salt, garlic powder, and pepper.  He cooked it in some butter and vegetable oil on Medium high heat for three minutes on each side.

The Old Man's Magic Crocodile Tongues
Rotini pasta cooked to package directions with Pesto sauce 

Ladybug Tomatoes
Tomatoes and Olives cut up.  Super easy and cute!

Peach Punch
We bought at the store.  You could add rum…. I obviously did not as I have been sober for three months! 

James' Peachy Dessert

One peach, halved and pitted
Mascarpone Cheese

1. Scoop pit remains out of halved peach
2. Place peach with inside face down on a medium heat skillet
3. Leave on for about three minutes until starting to brown
4. Remove from skillet and scoop Mascarpone cheese into the hole where the pit used to be
5. Drizzle with honey and serve warm

This has been an excellent pregnancy snack!

We had a fabulous dinner!  

Coming Soon: Baby Pip in March, 2016

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